Shower Restoration


Tired of Dirty, Moldy Grout and Caulk?
Do You Feel Like Your Shower is Unhealthy?
Do You Have Build-up That You Cannot Remove?

Time Machine Cleaning of Orlando offers a unique process to restore an unhealthy shower with dingy tile and grout into a healthy shower you wouldn’t be embarrassed letting guests use. Most showers can be completed in one day with no mess or dust and none of the hassle of replacement.

The Good and Bad

The bad is the fact showers receive up to 414 times more “rainfall” than your roof does (Don Halvorson, Forensic Tile Consultant), and it all has to end up at a small drain. The fact is, over a short time, due to many causes, cracks can open up, allowing water into the substrate. Caulking can become mildewed from the inside out making it impossible to remove. Mineral-formations can grow where moisture is evaporating from, and can be identified by hard, off-white raised deposits. Hard water deposits, soap scum and residues can build up on tile and glass surfaces that can prove difficult to remove for the homeowner. Most showers have never been sealed allowing moisture to carry organic matter into the grout, these organic matter residues is what mildew feed on.

The good is that with proper grouting, caulking, sealing, and proper maintenance, a shower should be trouble free. The best maintenace one can do is to help gravity getting all the water in the drain. One of the most effective, chemical free procedures is a simple squeegee. Squeegees can come in different shapes and sizes; I prefer the California squeegee with the silicone double edge blade. This ounce of preventive maintenance (worth a pound of cure), takes less than a minute to do. Also it is important to have good circulation of air, and if you like long hot showers in a small area, dehumidification may be advised to control indoor high humidity dangers.

Shower Restoration Services

The first thing Time Machine Cleaning of Orlando looks for, is to see if the walls have any flex, if there is any movement, it can indicate it has wet green-board. Using a flashlight, we closely inspect walls for missing grout and cracks and inspect all corners including floor, walls and under any ledges. Often it is under an entry ledge that has cracked, however hidden from view, allowing water behind tile and causing problems. The inspection will reveal details that will allow us the appropriate action to restore and seal.
Time Machine Cleaning of Orlando uses only the safest detergents to clean your shower. Safety is most important to our service technicians as well as our customers. Some chemicals sold in stores to clean showers can be dangerous to breath and may damage the surface of the tile. Example, most tile cleaners designed to remove soap scum and hard water deposits will damage marble and travertine surfaces by etching, or dissolving away the surface.

Standard cleaning uses a detergent formulated for the tiled surface, whether its travertine, marble, ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite or glass. The sanitizing detergent is scrubbed into the surface loosening embedded shower deposits. Both the tile surface and grout lines on floor and walls are scrubbed. Following the shower scrub is the adjustable hi-pressure steam spray within a vacuum recovery system that captures the soap scum, residues, detergents, and steam and vacuums the waste solution to the mobile cleaning truck. This is a small hand tool operated by the technician that slides across the surface.
Shower polishing, in the simplest of terms, is the use of polishing compounds that are softer than the tile surface, but harder than the build-up or residue on the tile surface. This compound is “polished” into the tile surface using an electric Milwaukee Hand Buffer using controlled machine pressure and speed. The shower frame and ledges can also be polished. Time Machine Cleaning of Orlando shower restoration technicians have the experience to perform the job safely and efficiently. This is what we do everyday, this is what were good at.
Out trucks are fully stocked with the most popular colored grouts (sanded and un-sanded) and caulks, seam-sealers, tile sealers, grout sealers, many polishing compounds and pads, grout and caulk removal tools, hardeners, colorants, pressure steam/ vacuum tools, brushes, short poles, recessed void hi-vacuum “pull” drying, drying fans, lighting, dehumidifiers, sanitizers, and more. By having recommended tools and supplies ready, repairs can quickly and efficiently be repaired without a second trip required.
There is a place for the grout to go, and a place for caulk to go, and they’re usually not interchangeable due to their strengths and weaknesses. Grout cures hard and strong, supports the tile edge, adds to wall rigidity, and provides moisture transmission. Caulk is soft, flexible and does not allow moisture transmission. That is why when you see mildewed caulk that won’t respond to bleach; it is because it’s on the other side of the moisture barrier caulk. Proper color matching of grout and caulking is important so the repair does not look like a repair. Time Machine Cleaning of Orlando techs are experts at blending repairs.
Polishing is often required to break down hard water and soap scum because it hardens with time. Often standard detergents and steam spray alone are not enough to completely remove.
If you shower has signs of moisture in substrate, new caulking readily mildews or mineral formations on floor or walls, then using a dehumidifier with a fan for circulation may be recommended to pull embedded moisture. This procedure gets the area very dry and warm to force moisture out. We have had excellent results with this procedure.
Maintenance As stated above, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Using a squeegee to remove excess water with dissolved minerals from the wall will greatly extend any professional maintenance. Many variables determine maintenance depending on water source (city, well, or treated), soaps, shampoos, and conditioners used, shower design, ventilation, tile type, materials used and construction quality.
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